Private Label Reseller

The current private label reseller application is no longer offered.

A new private label reseller application will be available in the future.


First, and foremost, the application is being written from scratch using the MEAN stack.

What's MEAN stack?

MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular 2, NodeJS

What's impressive about the MEAN stack?

Speed, both on the front end and back end. Writing code in 1 language: Javascript. Resource community. You can read more about the MEAN stack at mean.io.

What exactly will be offered, and how are we different from other website builders?

To start with the stack, and without letting too much out of the bag, the codebase will run on 2 or more servers as needed. Why 2 or more and not 1 like before? Well, the mail server will be a dedicated machine and also handle 1 DNS instance. The other server will run [at most] 1 DNS instance, ExpressJS & NodeJS (the back end), as well as Angular (the front end), all running on Nginx (the primary web server).

However, the software is flexible and smart enough to split the load on multiple servers. The ideal server formation includes 5 or more machines running the following:

  • DNS1 / Mail Server
  • DNS2
  • Angular
  • ExpressJS / NodeJS

Where did MongoDB go? Rather than run our own MongoDB instance/cluster, we decided to host MongoDB with a third party provider to reduce costs on data storage, which in turn allows us to offer a superior product at very low rates.

Our web sites will be responsive out of the box, and flexible enough to allow you to custom tailor how the grid flows. More on this later.

Our e-commerce system will be second to none with features you find on the biggest e-tailers. I can't speak on the specifics right now.

Editing your page content will be easier than before, and instead of "page types" you'll be able to place page components (page types reborn) anywhere on the page. Before, you were limited to adding a form OR a gallery, and always at the bottom of the page. Now, you'll be able to add both -- anywhere on your page!

Instead of using a third party WYSIWYG editor, such as CKEditor or TinyMCE, which limits what you can do on your site or requires custom widgets that must work with those frameworks, we have written our own WYSIWYG editor using a proprietary method of handling page data. This method allows us to make it easy for you to add and maintain content (i.e. headings, paragraphs, photo albums, forms, etc) to your page, without needing to know any HTML. Our editor also gives you a true feeling of what your content will look like, while other editors (i.e. WordPress (pardon me while I vomit)) do not. One great feature I love about our editor... having worked with designers who like to "pixel push", our editor will make it easy for you add margins, padding, and more, with just a few clicks or keystrokes -- web designers will love using our application. 

Oh yea, and files are not stored on our servers. Files you upload (site images, product images, etc) will be pushed to AWS S3. Again, this allows us to keep our costs down, which in turn allows us to offer you a superior product at super low rates.

If you want to know more, demo the software, or are interested in reselling the best website builder application to be on the market, please contact us. Our reseller program will be slightly different from the details below:


The Private Label Reseller opportunity is perfect for the company or individual looking to earn additional monthly income. You will use the iBuildYourSite.com technology to build, create and publish web sites under your brand or name. Your customers will never know about iBuildYourSite.com. You handle all customer relationships, while iBuildYourSite.com maintains the technology that powers this side of your business. Upgrades to the software are always included at no additional charge, forever.


Simple. I provide you with a web site that has the ability to create web sites for your prospective customers. You then use my secure, browser based control panel to implement your customer's content. When the site is ready to go live simply fill out a very short form and voila! The site is live on the internet.


That's really up to you. You may use any registrar you wish to register your domains, and you may use your own in-house designers. However, I am always here to handle these tasks for you and let you get back to handling your usual day to day tasks.


My "terms" explicitly state that all code development must be provided by iBuildYourSite.com. I know the system best, so I'll be fast, thorough and affordable! I know, most companies ask you to choose 2 of the 3 (either good, fast or cheap) but I'll provide you with all 3.


The Private Label Reseller system has a suggested retail price of $1999, but it will cost you nothing! Simply sign up, get a free website, market and start making money.

I also provide design and programming at a 50% discounted rate to all my Private Label Reseller customers. This means you can mark up my cost to your clients and earn a profitable margin.


In order to protect myself from a lawsuit for making false promises I must state that all situations are different, and therefore your bottom line income will differ from your competitors. I want you to succeed -- and will do everything in my power to help you succeed. Your success is my success.

Here is a simple breakdown so you can see an example of monthly residuals.

Number of Live Sites
Your Monthly Fee
Your Gross Income
Your Net Income
  1 $30 $30 $12.50 $17.50
  10 $30 $300 $125 $175
  25 $30 $750 $312.50 $437.50
  50 $30 $1500 $625 $875
  100 $30 $3000 $1250 $1750


For more information or a demonstration of my control panel to build web sites for your customers please fill out the Private Label Reseller Form and I will get in touch with you.

NOTE - As a Private Label Reseller your website and your customer websites will be hosted on my server. If you wish to host your sites on your own server this is possible. Please call or email me and I will provide you with the details.