Having a website isn't always enough. That's where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. You need to be able to have a clean coded website for the search engines to index properly. You'll want to ensure that all the various parts of the page play together and have one focus point, and you'll want to do this for each page. Such as, starting from the Title, to the Meta Tags, to using Headings, the actual copy and even setting the Alt and Title attributes on your images. Play special attention to your copy and be sure utilize your Keywords, but don't over due it. You want to write copy for your audience first, and search engines second.

Once your site is setup properly, you'll want to start link building. You want get your site's content spread throughout the web on relevant pages, forums, etc. and have a link from those sites to yours. The more relative links, the better.

Not only do we provide you the ability to edit your meta Keywords and Description on a global level and an individual page level, we also allow you to do this on a per-product basis. This means your products can be indexed by the search engines with their own unique set of meta tags.

I understand some of these things may be over your head. No problem. I am here to help you get your website built well aesthetically and optimized for the search engines.

For more information please contact me.